CNN’s Jake Tapper blasts Trump for spreading a ‘deranged and disgusting lie about Joe Biden’

During a segment on CNN this Tuesday, host Jake Tapper slammed President Trump's retweeting a "deranged and disgusting lie" about Joe Biden, suggesting that he's a pedophile.

CNN White House correspondent Abby Phillip agreed, saying that Trump is once again "simply retweeting things that he thinks are in his favor ... without looking at the substance of it, or not caring about the substance of it," adding the the tweet promoted by Trump was a "vile conspiracy theory" and a "lie."

"It's just amazing when you think about all the times that Republicans asked for the record to be corrected when the New York Times or whoever makes a mistake," Tapper said. "It's just astounding that this gets no comment from them at all."

Watch the video below: