Conservative Utah official faces backlash for ‘spreading his murder fantasies’ with anti-Black Lives Matter image

A Utah county commissioner is in hot water after he posted a meme advocating violence against Black Lives Matter protesters, The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Iron County Commissioner Paul Cozzens commented on a Facebook post from Salt Lake County Council member Aimee Winder Newton, who wrote: “If people don’t believe that law enforcement will be able to protect them, they will find a way to protect their families and properties. Did you know that AR-15′s have been selling out the day they ship in for the past few months?"

“I believe having a police department is the best way to ensure public safety ... Let’s be careful what we wish for," she added.

In response, Cozzens shared a meme showing a soldier with a gun on his lap, adding: “Warning to BLM & Antifa. Once you’ve managed to defund & eliminate the police, there’s nobody protecting you from us. Remember that.”

After being called out, Cozzens denied the meme was targeting Black Lives Matter.

“It was meant to point out the lunacy of those that continue to push to defund our law enforcement,” Cozzens told the Tribune. “It reinforces how backing our law enforcement is our only sensible option to keep the peace.”

He has since deleted his comment.