Democratic opponent calls Lindsey Graham’s bluff
Composite image of Sen Lindsey Graham and Jaime Harrison (screengrabs)

Sen. Lindsey Graham's (R-SC) Democratic opponent just called the senator's bluff.

Last week, Graham demanded that his Democratic opponent Jaime Harrison release his taxes. It was an odd demand, given Graham's golfing buddy, President Donald Trump, continues to fight attempts to see his taxes.

In a passionate press conference, Graham proclaimed his commitment to government transparency. But he has yet to apply the same philosophy to his friend.

“I think you should release your tax returns if you’re running for president in 2020,” Graham said in 2019. “I think everybody should. That’s just my view. It’d be good for the country.”

He hasn't echoed the same sentiment as the November election nears, however.

See the comments from Harrison below: