DOJ ripped for admitting they are trying to make a Trump rape case go away
Composite image of Donald Trump and E. Jean Carroll (screengrabs)

Attorney General Bill Barr's Department of Justice was slammed on Thursday for legally maneuvering that may bring to an end a rape case involving Donald Trump.

Columnist E. Jean Carroll is one of many women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault. When her accusations went public, Trump attacked her, leading Carroll to file a defamation suit against Trump.

In an eye-brow raising move, the DOJ is taking over the case, meaning taxpayer lawyers are now defending Trump.

On Thursday evening, Barr spokesperson Kerri Kupec claimed that taxpayer lawyers would not be defending Trump, because their maneuver would make the case go away.

"Myth: By DOJ removing the case from state to fed court, taxpayers are now on the hook for funding the Carroll defamation lawsuit," Kupec tweeted. "Fact: Once the case shifts to fed court, it becomes an issue of sovereign immunity. Meaning, case over. No case, no cost."

Legal experts quickly corrected Kupec, noting that the case could only go away after extensive litigation during which Trump's defense would be paid for by taxpayers.

Former U.S. Attorney and MSNBC legal analyst Barbara McQuade said Kupec was "fighting myths with lies."

Law professor and CNN legal analyst Steve Vladeck gave his own myth/fact construction to debunk Kupec's claims.

Former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti called it "a bogus claim."