Eric Trump bitterly attacks 'disgusting' NYT reporters who exposed his dad's massive business losses
Eric Trump (screengrab)

Eric Trump appeared on "Fox & Friends" Tuesday to bitterly complain about the way his father is being treated by the Internal Revenue Service and the New York Times.

During the appearance, President Donald Trump's second-oldest son attacked the New York Times' explosive reporting on the president avoiding paying federal income tax by reporting massive losses.

Among other things, Trump complained that the article on the president's taxes was too long and detailed, which he said meant it must have been part of a coordinated political attack.

"They've been writing that article for three months and they wanted it to drop the morning before the debate!" he said. "These are disgusting people!"

He then pivoted to attacking the IRS for closely examining his father's tax return claims.

"Why is no one talking about the IRS?" he asked rhetorically. "Somebody at the IRS leaked the document. I really believe that this is the IRS scandal of this generation... Now they're targeting my father because he's doing a great job and they don't like him!"

Watch the video below.