Federal judge halts Trump administration trying to tamper with New Jersey ballot mail delivery
President Donald Trump (MSNBC)

President Donald Trump's administration took the state of New Jersey to court trying to stop the state from mailing ballots to voters in the state. But the federal judge in the case put an end to Trump's attempts to stop voting by mail.


A federal judge just issued an order in our case halting the Trump Administration's efforts to interfere with mail delivery in advance of the election. We WILL have a free and fair election," tweeted Attorney General Gurbir Grewal on Sunday.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed an executive order in August that would make the 2020 election primarily a vote-by-mail election similar to their July primary amid the pandemic. There will still be about 50 percent of polling locations open on Election Day for people who can't get ballots by mail for whever reason.