Fewer than 1 in 10 Americans have great confidence in Trump to confirm vaccine effectiveness

The Republican Party's own base of voters is not buying what President Donald Trump is selling when it comes to his promise to deliver an effective COVID-19 vaccine quickly.

According to a recent survey conducted by ABC News and Ipsos, only 9% of Americans "have a great deal of confidence in Trump to confirm vaccine effectiveness," ABC News reported.

An additional 18% said that they had a "good amount" of confidence that a COVID-19 vaccine might be effective under a Trump administration.

Trump personally vouching for a vaccine leaves 69% of voters without confidence in the treatment.

When asked if they would take a "safe and effective coronavirus vaccine," only 64% of respondents said they would likely get it. That's a 10-point decrease from May, a drop which ABC News noted is almost entirely driven by Republican respondents.

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