Fox News host jilts Trump live after he announces weekly time slot: 'Fox has not committed to that'
Trump being interviewed by Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy. (Screenshot)

President Donald Trump was corrected by Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy on Tuesday after he announced that he would have a weekly time slot on the program.

Doocy's remarks came at the end of a 47-minute telephone interview with Trump.

"We're going to do it every week," Trump said. "Every Monday, I think they said. And if we can't do it on a Monday, we'll do it on a Tuesday like we did today."

"Sounds good," co-host Brian Kilmeade agreed.

But Doocy shot down Trump's news.

"You may want to do it every week but Fox has not committed to that," Doocy said. "We're going to take it on a case-by-case basis and Joe Biden, as well, is always welcome to join us for 47 minutes like we just did with the president."

Watch the video below from Fox News.