Fox News Judge Andrew Napolitano countersues after lawsuit accuses him of sexually assaulting a child
Andrew Napolitano appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano, a former judge, this week sued a man who has accused him of sexual abuse.

In a lawsuit filed last week, Charles Corbishley of South Carolina claimed that Napolitano forced him to perform oral sex in the 1980s.

The incident was said to have occurred at a New Jersey home while Napolitano was presiding over Corbishley's criminal case.

“At this moment, Plaintiff was paralyzed with fear," the lawsuit for the plaintiff states, detailing the alleged abuse. "He wanted desperately to stop Defendant Napolitano’s sexual assault, but he was terrified about what Judge Napolitano would do to him if he resisted or fought back."

Corbishley's lawsuit, filed under the New Jersey Child Victims Act, is seeking $10 million.

On Tuesday, attorneys for Napolitano announced a countersuit. The new lawsuit accuses Corbishley of extortion.

Napolitano is represented by attorneys Cole Schotz and Clare Locke.