GOP facing nightmare Ginsburg replacement hearings with Kamala Harris grilling Trump nominee: Dem strategist
Sen. Kamala Harris (CSPAN)

It is not yet clear whether Republicans have locked down the votes to force through a Supreme Court confirmation in the remaining time before the 2020 election, or the lame duck session afterward, although President Donald Trump and GOP leaders have signaled their intent to try to do so.

However, on CNN Saturday, former Hillary Clinton strategist Jess McIntosh outlined one obstacle for Republicans: vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris.

"Kamala Harris sits on the Judiciary Committee," said anchor Anderson Cooper. "Potentially she could be questioning a nominee as a vice presidential pick?"

"And she is very, very good at that," said McIntosh. "I would like folks to remember what Kamala Harris, on the Judiciary Committee, was capable of doing with, say, Jeff Sessions. I don't think that these hearings are going to go the way that Republicans are hoping that they will. I think they are going to face incredibly tough questions."

"We are talking about a president who has been impeached, a president who did not win the popular vote, and a president who has presided over the deaths of 200,000 Americans," added McIntosh. "I don't think many Americans want that man deciding what is going to set policy for the next generation."

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