GOP megadonors seek to bail out Trump by running ads to shore up support in states he won in 2016
President Donald J. Trump (DoD Photo by U.S. Army Sgt. James K. McCann)

On Thursday, Politico reported that a new super PAC, backed by stalwart Republican megadonors, will go on the air to try to bail out President Donald Trump in states he carried in 2016 but is now struggling in.

"Preserve America is set to begin running a trio of TV commercials savaging Democrat Joe Biden as Republicans express growing alarm over the president’s absence on the airwaves," reported Alex Isenstadt. "The outside group, which is expected to draw funding from prolific GOP givers including Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus, is rushing to fill the void. Starting late this week, the super PAC will begin airing ads in seven states, including some where Trump is getting badly outspent."

"The super PAC is steered by Chris LaCivita, a Republican strategist who orchestrated the 2004 Swift Boat Veterans for Truth attack ad campaign against John Kerry," said the report. "The ads will run on TV and online in Arizona, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. They will also appear in Iowa, where Trump is off the airwaves this week, and in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, where the president is being outspent more than two-to-one."

According to the report, the ads will focus on attacking Biden — including one that features a testimonial of the parents of a humanitarian aid worker raped and murdered by ISIS to claim Biden was soft on Middle East policy.

In recent weeks, Biden has closed the financial gap with Trump's campaign, and is outspending him in ads, which has left a number of Trump allies nervous that the president is not doing enough to counteract Democratic messaging.