GOP will impose their agenda on America with Trump's SCOTUS pick -- but they're acting like the victims: op-ed
Amy Coney Barrett. (YouTube/Screengrab)

Writing for the Washington Post this Monday, Paul Waldman contends that even though Republicans are about to push through President Trump's pick to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court before the 2020 election, giving them the ability to "impose their incredibly unpopular agenda on the country," they want people to think they're the victims in the whole situation.

"Here’s the truth about the argument over Amy Coney Barrett: Democrats have decided to all but ignore Barrett herself," Waldman writes. "Prepared for this moment her entire career as she was pumped through the Federalist Society pipeline, her far-right views are as predictable as the lengths she will go to obfuscate them during her confirmation hearings. So Democrats are focusing on what a 6-3 conservative majority means, especially the possibility that it will strike down the Affordable Care Act, throwing our entire health care system into chaos."

According to Waldman, when Republicans strategize for a political conflict, they first consider one thing: How do we get our base angry? Due to experience, they know that the "shortest route to anger is through feelings of victimization."

"So they are trying to manufacture a phony controversy, in which they claim Democrats are attacking Barrett for being Catholic," Waldman continues. "An assault on religious faith! Part of the secular conspiracy! Get mad about this!"

Waldman says no such attack is taking place. "Democrats know they are essentially powerless to stop Barrett’s ascension, so their strategy is built on making Republicans pay at the ballot box for the unpopular ways the court will shift American law to the right."

Read the full op-ed over at The Washington Post.