'He's going to lead us off a cliff!' Former New Orleans mayor thrashes Trump's latest attacks on science

Former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu told CNN on Tuesday that he is appalled by President Donald Trump's latest attacks on climate change science, even as the United States is getting battered by the twin threats of intense hurricanes and massive wildfires.

Appearing on CNN, Landrieu watched a clip of Trump saying that scientists didn't really know that the Earth was getting warmer, while also predicting that the global temperature would soon go down.

"I would say that it's delusional, but I think that it's intentional," he said. "So the president, we have a president that is incredibly soft on Russia and really hard on science, and it puts the people of the United States of America at risk."

Landrieu then warned of dire consequences if American voters continue to support a president who has consistently underestimated the dangers of both climate change and the novel coronavirus.

"He's going to lead us off a cliff," Landrieu said. "The question is, are you going to follow him? And I would encourage people to stop following him."

Watch the video below.