'Nothing short of horrific': Ex-White House official is disgusted by what Bill Barr has become under Trump
William Barr appears on CBS (screen grab)

On CNN Thursday, former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci ripped into President Donald Trump for creating an environment in which Attorney General William Barr can call for sedition charges against civil rights protesters — and advocated a constitutional amendment to strip away his control of the Justice Department.

CNN hosts asked Scaramucci about Barr's recent comments comparing measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 to slavery.

"It's absolutely disgusting, but ... if the president saw that clip, and someone now will take that clip and put it on an iPad and bring it to the Oval Office or the study and show it to him, he'll be thrilled with that. He'll think that sounded terrific," said Scaramucci. "It almost begs the question, do we need a constitutional amendment to move the Justice Department over to the Supreme Court, to take it out of the hands of a malignant leader. That could happen in American society, it's happening right now, after 244 years. We had this malignant leader that has an acolyte in that position that's his supplicant. So maybe we have to move it, okay, to protect the institutions of our democracy and the checks and balances of the system."

Scaramucci said that Trump was aggravating Barr's worst tendencies. "It's nothing short of horrific," he added.

"Look, we all got ensnared in his web. We were trying to help him," said Scaramucci. "I frankly didn't know him as well as Michael [Cohen] did, but I didn't realize he was going to be this bad. Even when we were talking a year ago and I disavowed my support to the president, I had no idea that he would take it to this level and trust me, if he gets re-elected, guys, he's going to be even worse over the next four years. And so this is why good men and women, patriots are out there, offering a surgeon general's warning label about what's to come if this guy somehow gets re-elected."

Regarding Barr, Scaramucci added, "his reputation is disgraced now. And, you know, he's been capricious with the use of the Justice Department. The inspector general is after him in terms of how he's tried to intimidate and influence people at the Department of Justice. And this is all being done because of the leader at the top creating this, you know, horrendous environment. But can I just say something about the Constitution? Remember, what I'm calling for is an amendment to the Constitution. And there would be ways to break that out."

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