'How dare you!': The View’s Whoopi Goldberg shames Trump for not paying his fair share to America
Whoopi Goldberg (ABC)

"The View" co-hosts began their Monday show talking about the revelations in President Donald Trump's taxes. Whoopi Goldberg recalled her mother, who was a teacher, sobbing as the IRS was harassing her about paying her taxes off.

"I'll tell you what's pissing me off," she began. "My mother when I was -- I told this story four years ago when he -- when we found out about [Trump's] $900,000 -- million dollar debt or whatever it was was forgiven and he said he was smart because he knew what the loopholes were, and I can think of my mother trying desperately every year to pay her taxes to the IRS, and the IRS coming after my mother because maybe she didn't -- she wasn't able to pay all of it, but she could pay some of it. And how they harassed her to make sure that she paid. And I remember her crying trying to figure out how to pay these taxes. I remember that she paid them out year after year because she didn't make all that much dough."

She explained that she simply can't understand why her mother was the one being harassed when there are millions of Americans like Trump who get away with it.

A 2019 study by ProPublica revealed that the poorest county in Mississippi was the source of the most IRS audits on taxpayers.

"Why millions of Americans have to be harassed and a tax code, as you brought up, Sara, that was put together by a guy who doesn't pay taxes," Goldberg continued. "So, now people who don't have any money because they're working to pay the taxes because now taxes are everything. You can't write anything off. You can't -- you can't catch a break. I don't understand. He paid 750 bucks, and -- my mother and lots of our families, you know--"

Joy Behar cut in to say that it's frustrating because these are how things like roads and police departments get paid for and they're being supplemented by people who barely have enough to live on.

"Who are the people who are supposed to pay for the roads and the police department and the fire department?" she asked. "Is it the poor? Is it the working poor? Is it the lower middle, the middle class in this country or are rich people supposed to pay a lot of that? In my opinion, they make more."

"We all are!" Goldberg exclaimed. "We're all supposed to be paying our fair share and I don't get when you suddenly look at people can't send their kids to camp and people can't buy little bits of things or can't go on vacation because the tax laws are such that they can't write anything off. I don't understand how any of that works. Why are we having to pay? Because I work every day like a whole bunch of people. Why is it all on us to do this? Where is he? How dare you! How dare you!"

See Goldberg shame Trump below: