Lancaster, Pennsylvania police shoot and kill man in domestic incident
Police markers at a shooting scene (

Police were called to the scene of Lancaster, Pennsylvania man Ricardo Munoz when the 27-year-old man came running outside toward the officers with a knife above his head, they said in a threatening manner.

Officers fired, killing him, said ABC 27.

Unconfirmed sources have said that Munoz was autistic. Bodycam footage shows the incident clearly though the facts of whether it was a mental health episode are unclear.

The district attorney is investigating it, as is the policy for all police-involved shootings, they said in a statement.

The body of Mr. Munoz lay on the pavement uncovered for hours, witnesses complained, as protesters gathered to rally around the site.

District Attorney Heather Adams said Sunday night, “I am asking that all reaction be tempered as the investigation is ongoing.”