Lt. Gen. Honoré calls on Trump supporters to tell their leader to ‘leave John McCain alone’
Senator John McCain (AFP Photo/Wakil Kohsar)

Retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré is on the ground in Lake Charles, Louisiana trying to do whatever he can to help people after Hurricane Laura. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump came outside to go off on a nearly one-hour rant about a laundry list of grievances. One of those topics was a renewed attack on Sen. John McCain.

"John McCain liked wars. I will be a better worrier than anybody," said Trump, who never served in the military and faked a case of "bone spurs" to dodge the Vietnam draft. "When we fight a war we're gonna win 'em. And frankly, I was never a fan of John McCain. You know that. It's been very obvious. But I had to approve his entire funeral."

When asked about the remarks Honoré acknowledged that Trump is still the "commander in chief" but that it bothered him to hear attacks on veterans.

"I will say this, it makes my blood curdle when I hear President Trump shooting off about Sen. McCain," said Honoré. "I first met Sen. McCain 15 years ago, in Katrina, when he came to visit, and I met a couple of times after that, following discussions about how we can do disaster preparedness and recovery better. He was an honorable man in his own right, having served his nation with honor and with respect. I don't know why the president thinks he has the authority to be picking on a dead hero. That's a crying damn shame. Now the president is the commander in chief, there are things that he can do to everybody who's in uniform, he needs to understand with great authority picking on a dead man is not honorable and it's below of the president of the United States to be speaking about a dead American hero the way he's continued to do."

He went on to say that the way Trump has disrespected Gen. John Kelly too "is not appropriate and he needs to cut it off."

He issued a challenge to Trump's supporters to let the president know that this isn't acceptable.

"I hope his supporters will tell him. All those rich people getting rich off of his role need to tell him to leave Sen. McCain and Gen. Kelly the hell alone," Honoré said emphatically.

See the video below: