Michael Caputo announces he's taking a 'leave of absence' until after the election
Michael Caputo a former Russian PR agent who later advised Trump (screenshot).

Michael Caputo went on a bizarre Facebook rant this weekend about an armed insurrection upon the United States. He revealed he was afraid of long shadows on his ceiling and warned that there were members of "the resistance" in the CDC who wanted to see President Donald Trump fail.

After a lot of stories about Caputo's statement, he removed the post and deleted his Twitter account. But on Wednesday night, he announced that after a conversation with Secretary Alex Azar and Trump, he would be taking a "medical leave of absence" for 60 days to deal with "a lymphatic issue."

Sixty days means Caputo won't come back to the government until 12 days after the election.

Regardless of his politics, hopefully, Caputo can get the help he needs and recover.

See his statement on Twitter.