Michael Cohen recalls Trump mocking the IRS for handing him a $10 million refund
Michael Cohen and Donald Trump/MSNBC screen shot

After the New York Times dropped a bombshell report about President Donald Trump's taxes for the past two decades, his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, noted one of the stories in his book Disloyal.

"Conversely, as you'll see in later pages with potential criminal consequences when it came time to pay taxes--an obligation Trump didn't minimize or avoid, but rather almost certainly illegally evaded -- the same properties would be deemed essentially worthless, or better yet, the subject of giant capital losses which he could then deduct," Cohen wrote on page 94.

"I remember sitting in Trump's office on the 26th floor when a tax refund check for $10 million from the government arrived. He held the check up for me to see, flabbergasted but also delighted."

"Can you believe how f*cking stupid the IRS is?" Trump asked. "Who would give me a refund of ten f*cking million dollars? They are so stupid!"

Cohen has sounded the alarm about Trump's taxes for the past several years, which led to an investigation from the New York Attorney General's Office that is still ongoing.

See Cohen's screen capture of his book in the tweet below: