NC Republican who rants against voter fraud welcomes ‘vote-buying’ criminal to sponsor his events
Lt. Gov. Dan Forest (R-NC) (via Facebook)

North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest is desperately trying to recapture the top spot in the state government, and it has become clear he'll welcome money from anyone.

The American Ledger reported Thursday that Forest has been sounding the alarm on "voter fraud" for years, but this election he's welcoming people with actual experience.

Co-sponsoring Forest's Saturday fundraiser, is former Yancey County Sheriff Kermit Banks, who pleaded guilty during a federal investigation into a vote-buying scheme.

"Banks received a one-year sentence and a $1,000 fine as a result of Project WestVote, an initiative to crack down on vote buying in the state," the Ledger reported. "A federal grand jury indicted former Sheriff Banks, a Republican, on multiple counts including mail fraud, buying absentee ballots, and offering to buy a vote" during his reelection campaign.

The report recalled a humorous incident in which Forest attempted to prove how easy it was to commit voter fraud. It actually failed and Forest was humiliated.

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