'Nonsense': CNN fact checker calls BS on Trump's latest attacks on 'rigged' mail-in voting
CNN fact checker Daniel Dale (Screen cap).

CNN fact checker Daniel Dale on Wednesday called B.S. on President Donald Trump's latest tweet attacking mail-in voting.

Earlier in the day, the president suggested that the 2020 vote would be "rigged" because early returns on election night might show him winning, only for that lead to disappear as more mail-in ballots are counted.

The president's tweet refers to a new report from Democratic-aligned data firm Hawkfish that warns about Trump falsely claiming a big victory on election night after the early returns show him leading, as his voters are more likely to vote in person than by mail.

However, the firm said any such lead will prove illusive, as mail-in ballots will swing the election significantly back to Democratic nominee Joe Biden once they are counted.

"This tweet is nonsense," Dale wrote in response. "The report simply noted Trump might *appear* to have a big win on election night, when many votes won’t have been counted yet, but that, after all the (entirely legitimate!) mail votes are indeed counted, the lead might vanish."

The bottom line, argues Dale, is that there's "nothing rigged about it."