‘Not gonna work!’: A Republican tried to promote masks — and got angrily booed by Trump voters
Republican Lt. Gov. Jon Husted of Ohio (screengrab).

Republican Lt. Gov. Jon Husted of Ohio learned quickly on Monday that President Donald Trump’s voters aren’t ready for even mildly encouraging statements about wearing masks to stop the spread of COVID-19.

He appeared ahead of the president at a Trump rally in Ohio, and he tried to promote a series of Trump-branded masks. To the attendees’ credit, his speech was pretty condescending. Husted seemed to think he could convince them to wear face masks — which have become demonized on the right — just because they were branded with Trump logos.

But Husted was at least trying to encourage healthy behavior among his voters, which Trump has repeatedly declined to do. Experts agree masks are one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of the respiratory virus, and the fact that this advice has become anathema to large swaths of the country — primarily supporters of the president — is extremely dangerous on its own terms and disturbing for what it says about our politics.

“If you go into a grocery store where you’ve got to wear [a mask],” Husted said, prompting boos from the crowd. “Hang on, hang on, just listen up. Just listen up.”

As the boos increased, Husted relented somewhat, saying, “Alright, I get it!”

At one point, an attendee shouted: “Not gonna work!”

Watch the clip below: