Pelosi hits back at Trump asking why he cares more about her hair than saving Americans
Composite image of Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi, photos by Gage Skidmore.

President Donald Trump used the White House to attack House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Thursday about her trip to a salon for a blowout.

The owner of the Fresno-based eSalon, Erica Kious, a registered Republican, told Pelosi's scheduler to come in for a quick wash and style because they could have one client inside at a time. It was a lie.

Pelosi's office said she is always wearing her mask according to public health rules and was during the blowout. It's unclear if the owner told Pelosi to take her mask off while washing her hair or if Pelosi did it herself. The video that the eSalon owner posted doesn't contain footage where Pelosi was seated in the chair wearing her mask.

"The speaker complied with the rules as presented to her by this establishment," Pelosi's office said.

It didn't stop Trump from deciding to make it his Thursday distraction from reports that he told his supporters to commit voter fraud by voting twice.

In her press briefing, Kayleigh McEnany showed the video of Pelosi on a loop attacking the Democratic leader.

The stylist who did Pelosi's hair explained that the owner has been forcing stylists to violate COVID-19 orders for her own pocket.

"Ms. Kious has also been actively encouraging and almost forcing stylists who operate at eSalon to violate such orders for her own financial benefit in the form of receiving lease payments," stylist Jonathan DeNardo said in a statement. He went on to say that he thinks Kious's actions were "politically motivated."

After Trump's rant on Twitter, Pelosi's team released a statement: "Does anyone want a President of the United States who is more focused on this nonsense rather than crushing the virus and saving American lives?"

Trump refused to wear a mask for the majority of the coronavirus pandemic, even telling a crowd of people in Wisconsin this week to take their masks off during a roundtable meeting. He's also argued that masks don't really help prevent the virus anyway.