Rick Wilson: Trump is 'scared of losing' and will turn America into a 'hellscape' to stay in power
Republican strategist Rick Wilson. Image via screengrab.

Conservative Rick Wilson has written a new column for The Daily Beast in which he warns that President Donald Trump is going to turn America into his own "hellscape" if he feels he's losing in the final weeks of the 2020 campaign.

As bad as things have been so far this year, between the COVID-19 pandemic, economic devastation, and civil unrest, Wilson believes that Trump will try to pour even more gas on the fire to pull off another upset win this fall.

"We’ll suffer because Donald Trump is scared of losing, and he’ll burn down everything to cling to power," he writes. "We’ll suffer because his administration is filled with ass-sniffing toadies without a whit of courage or integrity. We’ll be put through a ringer of lies, propaganda, and strife designed by the best minds that the Trump campaign, the RNC, and their allies at the Internet Research Agency can muster."

Among other things, Wilson believes Trump will try to both frighten Americans with tall tales of antifa burning down the suburbs and also bamboozle them by launching a "miracle" vaccine just before the election.

In the end, however, Wilson suspects that these efforts will fail.

"The law-and-order uber alles message is starting to blow back as nervous suburbanites look outside their windows and don’t see the alleged mutant-infested nuclear hellscape Trump and Fox bleat about nightly," he concludes. "With a little over two months to go, prepare for the worst—and you won’t be surprised."