'She was doing her job': Fox News host slams Trump for trying to 'cancel' veteran military reporter
Howard Kurtz appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Fox News host Howard Kurtz on Sunday came to the defense of network correspondent Jennifer Griffin after President Donald Trump called for her to be fired because she confirmed details of a report claiming that he disparaged military veterans.

On his Fox News Sunday program, Kurtz hosted a panel discussion about the drawbacks of anonymous sources in response to The Atlantic's report on Trump's alleged troubling view of soldiers and veterans. Kurtz noted that the report had been confirmed in part by Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin.

"President Trump has called for Jennifer Griffin to be fired," Kurtz explained. "This is one of the fairest, most conscientious reporters on the planet, a former war correspondent, has done this throughout administrations. And she wasn't offering opinion. She was doing her job."

"It was fine for the president to attack the story," he added. "But he really needs trying to stop trying to cancel journalists based on reporting he doesn't like."

Watch the video below from Fox News.