Some Never-Trumpers are having second thoughts about Biden -- this conservative just set them straight
President Donald Trump speaking at the United Nations in 2017. (a katz /

Writing for The Bulwark this Tuesday, Robert Tracinski contends that there is a growing number of "Never-Trumpers" who are actually reversing their anti-Trump stance, saying that now they have no choice but to vote for him due to the increasing threat from the left. But according to Tracinski, the notion that Joe Biden embodies that kind of threat is ridiculous.

"This is, I have to admit, the best argument out there for voting for Trump, so we should expect to hear a lot more of it as November approaches," Tracinski writes. "Yet precisely because it is the best argument, I find it unconvincing. Why? Because the more they convince me that the far left is a horribly dangerous threat that is taking over the Democratic Party and threatens to destroy the republic—and I really don’t need any convincing on this—the more they remind me that if I ever want to stand up to what’s wrong in the Republican Party, I had better do it now, when the alternative is the relatively inoffensive Joe Biden."

These wavering Never-Trumpers forget that Trump is the biggest threat to their idea of conservatism and the Republican Party. While Tracinski doesn't like Biden, he knows that a Trump win will "create an even more hostile ideological environment for advocates of liberty."

"If it is necessary for advocates of liberty to stand up to this illiberal strain of conservatism that has been unleashed by Trumpism, that confrontation will only get harder—much, much harder—if we wait another four years," he writes.

Read the full op-ed over at The Bulwark.