'Tantamount to homicide': Trump biographer is stunned by COVID admission in Bob Woodward's book
Donald Trump takes questions from reporters at The White House (Fox News/screen grab)

Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio reacted in shock on Wednesday after learning details of how President Donald Trump withheld the dangers of COVID-19 from the American public.

D'Antonio told CNN that Trump likely agreed to interviews with veteran journalist Bob Woodward because "his reality was formed back in the '70s when Richard Nixon was president and Bob Woodward was the most famous reporter in the world."

"He thinks that this is a wonderful thing that Woodward wants to speak to him," D'Antonio speculated. "But he's also a con man. He believes that he can con almost anyone. He believes he could con Woodward."

"But the strange, bizarre element in all of this is that as he's speaking to Woodward, he's revealing that he doesn't believe his own con," the Trump biographer continued. "So, he knew he was lying. He knew these were lethal lies that were tantamount to homicide for tens of thousands of Americans."

D'Antonio added: "I mean, this is so self-destructive, so bizarre, so depraved that you really have to wonder how many screws loose this man has."

Watch the video clip below from CNN.