'That's bullying': Sparks fly on Fox News as GOPer explodes over Democratic 'retaliation' for Ginsburg
Scott Bolden and Erin Perrine (Fox News/screen grab)

Former Washington, D.C. Democratic Party Chair Scott Bolden on Monday faced off against Republican strategist Erin Perrine, who claimed that Democrats are "bullying" Republicans by threatening "retaliation" for the loss of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat.

During a debate on Fox News, Bolden explained why he believes Democrats must fight President Donald Trump as he plans to quickly replace Ginsburg.

"Mitch McConnell has set the new rule," Bolden said. "His hypocrisy speaks loud and clear and the Democrats, I'll be honest with you, are just angry about it because they believe he is politically playing footsie with these Supreme Court nominees."

"That being said, the Democrats have to fight," he continued. "There's too much at stake in regard to abortion as well as Obamacare. And they're going to fight. He may get this nomination through. But the reality is, when you set that precedent, Democrats are going to retaliate."

Bolden went on to predict that Democrats could takeover the Senate and add seats to the Supreme Court.

"I don't know when the Democrat [SIC] Party decided to take this mafioso stance," Perrine replied, "where they say, 'Oh, well, if we don't get our way then we're going to feel real bad if something were to happen to your filibuster and if we have to pack the Supreme Court and get rid of the Electoral College.'"

"I mean, that's not Democracy," she added. "That's bullying and that's not appropriate at all."

Bolden laughed out loud: "When you talk about bullying and you've got a president like Donald Trump and you've got Mitch McConnell -- the Democrats are just responding to this negative political narrative and really the political gangsterism of the Republican Party. So it's really rich that my Republican colleague right there is talking about bullying."

"You're the one talking about retaliating!" Perrine interrupted.

"The Republicans retaliate as well," Bolden insisted.

"That is bullying!" Perrine exclaimed. "Democrats don't like what the American people have to say."

"When you do this with the height of hypocrisy, you're going to get Democratic retaliation," Bolden vowed.

"That is a threat against the American people!" Perrine shot back.

"It's a threat against the GOP," Bolden remarked. "It will be swift, direct and painful for the Republicans when the Democrats retaliate."

Watch the video below from Fox News.