The GOP convention 'advanced the audacious absurdity that Trump cares about America': Lincoln Project's Steve Schmidt
Steve Schmidt (MSNBC)

Former Republican and Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt took to Twitter Tuesday to sum up the ringing farce still left in his ears from the previous week's slate of asinine addresses from his former party.

"Trumpism was sharply and intentionally defined at the convention," Schmidt explained, calling it a "toxic, metastatic and authoritarian ideology that has taken root in America."

He noted that no matter what President Donald Trump does, 25 to 30 percent of the U.S. will worship at his altar over it.

"Trumpism is fundamentally UnAmerican," Schmidt said. "It is a cult of personality that venerates Donald Trump. The Republican Party imposes but one demand now. Obedience and Submission to the leader. The Convention was politically ineffective yet still ominous, jarring and repugnant. The convention advanced the audacious absurdity that Trump cares about America and the American people."

The slate of "bevy of liars, careerists, propagandists, conspiracy theorists, crackpots, collaborators and self-interested family members" took to the stage to pray to the god of Donald Trump while waving the American flag.

Schmidt went on to blast the GOP for hijacking sacred American symbols for "perverse purposes" and "tribal totems."

It was all in an effort to align Trump with the country itself.

"The clear meaning of the convention for America’s Trumpist minority is startling yet clear," he went on. "In essence Trump asserted I AM THE TRUTH, I AM THE LAW, I AM THE STATE (sic). He is not and this must be opposed. Trumpism is a fascistic enterprise. It stands apart from and is antithetical to American values."

Schmidt closed by calling on "the power of our 'Better Angels'" to be exposed for conflicting "with the noxiousness of Trumpism."

"The lies, lawlessness, division and malice must be confronted," he said. "They must be defeated. What we saw at the convention was something few thought possible in America, yet here we are. Trump will not succeed in taking American Democracy and the Republic away from us. We will have to surrender it to him. If we do, he will not give it back. They never do. Violence and chaos are Trump’s tools. E Pluribus Unum must be the answer."

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