Trainer for anti-COVID lockdown group caught on camera telling supporters how to break the law
Image via Twitter.

A signature-gathering trainer for a Michigan group working to overturn Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's pandemic restrictions has been caught on camera advising the group's supporters on how to break the law.

The Detroit Free Press, which obtained a copy of the video, reports that trainer Erik Tisinger instructed supporters for Unlock Michigan in assorted nefarious practices for illegally collecting signatures.

Among other things, Tisinger told Unlock Michigan backers that it is "super easy" to give misleading answers under oath if they're compelled to testify by a court of law about their activities; that they could leave copies of their petitions with store clerks to collect signatures even though getting signatures without properly witnessing them would be illegal; and that they could trespass on private property to collect signatures even without business owners' permission.

In fact, the only tactic that Tisinger strictly advises trainees against doing is outright forging of signatures, but only because forging signatures is easy to detect.

"This can be a real shady job," Tisinger tells the trainees in the video. "And when I say shady, I mean, people do all sorts of illegal sh*t all the time and never get caught. It's really hard to get caught doing sh*t except for, like, forgeries."

Unlock Michigan tells the Detroit Free Press that Tisinger and his company, the California-based In the Field, Inc., will not get paid for any signatures they help collect.