'Traitor' Trump is against America and what it means to be an American: longtime GOP operative
US President Donald Trump at a press conference in the East Room of the White House, October 2, 2019. (AFP / Saul Loeb)

President Donald Trump is a traitor to his country, according to longtime Republican strategist Stuart Stevens.

"I really think he is against America, what it means to be an American," the veteran of multiple Republican presidential campaigns told Vanity Fair's Inside the Hive podcast in remarks published on Friday. He also accused the Republican Party of "a complete collapse of responsibility" when it comes to defending democracy.

Stevens, the author of "It Was All a Lie: How the Republican Party Became Donald Trump," said that the Republicans have lost control of their own party. "It just shows how deep Trumpism is... I think there are certain things you can't undo. I don't think you can undo Trumpism."

Stevens has previously warned that Trump "is an unstable man."

“This is an unstable man who is headed to potentially a historic defeat,” he told NPR. “And I think he’s going to wave the bloody shirt and try to scare white voters, and I think they’re going to do everything they can to suppress non-white votes. Legal, illegal, quasi-legal. That’s what they’re going to try to do because they think that’s the only way they can win.”