Trump associates alarmed as Biden blitzes battleground states with gigantic fundraising haul: report
Composite image of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, photos by Gage Skidmore.

On Monday, Axios reported that allies of President Donald Trump are worried about Joe Biden's fundraising haul — which he is already using to deluge swing states around the country with campaign ads.

"Joe Biden's mammoth $364 million August fundraising haul is leading to tens of millions worth of ads in battleground states," reported Mike Allen. The report added that "The Trump campaign [says] ad spending will be up 50% over last week, with Arizona and Pennsylvania added, for a total of eight states with advertising on broadcast and local cable," but that "Biden has nearly doubled Trump's spending over the last month."

Trump is also spending heavily on Facebook ads, but, the report notes, "Roughly two-thirds of Trump's Facebook ads are geared toward fundraising — not voter persuasion — in non-battleground states."

“It should be an alarm to every Republican donor that they’ve got to dig deep and give more,” said David McIntosh, head of the right-wing Club for Growth, to the Associated Press. “Fox News will help carry (Trump’s) message, but the mainstream media won’t. That means he’s got to have enough resources to go over their heads and talk directly with voters.”