Trump 'called the supremacist horde to their battle stations' at the debate: Michael Cohen
Michael Cohen (ABC News)

On MSNBC Wednesday, President Donald Trump's former attorney and fixer Michael Cohen laid into his former boss for his latest nod to white supremacists at the presidential debate in Cleveland.

"Trump has made racism a central tenet of this campaign, and in this case, he's blown his dog whistle at the Proud Boys," said Cohen. "He's essentially called the supremacist horde to their battle stations."

"It's not what people think," he added. "You have to understand Donald Trump to understand — and I say this a lot in my book, Disloyal — what he's really thinking. He's refusing to disavow them because they are now his army. And he will call them to arms when he loses, as an attempt on regain control, order, power. He sees them as an army. They dress like an army, they behave like an army. They brandish the trump flag, the Make America Great Again flag as they walk down the street. This is his army. And he intends on calling them back."

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