Trump campaigns on 'record stock markets' -- after the Dow sank 800 points in a 'bloodbath'
President Donald Trump speaking at a campaign rally in Latrobe, Pennsylvania (screengrab).

Stock markets in America tanked on Tuesday, in what CNN headlined as a "bloodbath."

"It was a wild day on Wall Street. The Nasdaq Composite tumbled nearly 5% and the Dow fell more than 800 points, as investors made a dash for the exits following a streak of record-setting days over the past several weeks," CNN reported. "It was the worst day for stocks since June."

"Thursday was the Nasdaq's largest one-day decline from a record high in its history, according to Bespoke Investment Group," CNN noted. "All three major indexes finished the day sharply lower. The Nasdaq closed down nearly 5%, and the S&P fell 3.5%, while the Dow finished 2.8%, or 808 points, lower."

But President Donald Trump bragged about the stock markets during a campaign rally in Pennslyvania.

"And by the way, we have record stock markets," Trump insisted. "We have record everything."

"Had a little pause today," Trump said of the market losses.