Trump defender buried on CNN for defending GOP push to seize Supreme Court seat
Republican Alice Stewart on CNN (screengrab)

On CNN Saturday, Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman tore into GOP counterpart Alice Stewart for defending the GOP's Supreme Court power grab.

"I think it's important that [Republicans] proceed without delay on this," said Stewart. "They have the constitutional obligation to do so. And the Senate and in this administration. They also have historical precedent, given the timeline, this can be done. Many have been done in a much shorter time frame, as well as voters voted Republicans to control the Senate."

"I have to ask Alice, where was that constitutional obligation when President Obama nominated Merrick Garland?" said Zimmerman. "Of course the Republicans said it would be inappropriate, it was too close to a presidential election. Let's understand ... she is being chosen by Donald Trump and Mike Pence because they want to fill that Supreme Court, because they're going to be election challenges coming up and they want to make sure they have a vote that's going to rig the court in their favor."

"This is a tragic move if they nominate — if they fill this position right before the election," added Zimmerman. "Because it, in fact, compromises the integrity of the court and this judicial nominee should, in fact, recuse herself from any discussions about the presidential election because she's being nominated for the purpose of helping Donald Trump's re-election."

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