Trump ‘desperately’ trying to pin his failures on Biden as his ‘rotten’ campaign flounders: conservative columnist
President Donald Trump speaking at a campaign rally in Latrobe, Pennsylvania (screengrab).

Writing for the Washington Post this Wednesday, columnist Jennifer Rubin says that a fundamental problem with President Trump's campaign for reelection is that "we do not know what it is about."

"A second-term agenda? He has failed to answer multiple questions about what that might include. He simply wants to be president for four more years," Rubin writes.

As more and more voters turn away from Trump, he continues to move forward with his race-baiting rhetoric and apocalyptic talk based on his own fevered imagination. According to Rubin, the voters turning away from Trump can plainly see that he's trying "desperately to convert his own failures into predictions of what will ensue if he leaves office."

The bottom line, Rubin writes, is that "Trump is a rotten CEO of his own campaign, wasting hundreds of millions of dollars without moving the polls."

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