Trump fumes over ‘very disgraceful’ questions as he gets grilled for lying about risks of COVID-19
Photo: Screen capture

President Donald Trump fumed during the Thursday press conference when the first question from the press was "why did you lie to the American people and why should we trust what you have to say now?"

"What a terrible question. I didn't lie," said Trump.

ABC News' Jon Karl hammered Trump on the tapes that were released by Bob Woodward showing Trump intentionally downplayed the coronavirus, he claims, to not cause "panic." While people panicked, rioted about masks and attacked state capitols doing lockdowns, Trump was egging them on with demands to "liberate" states. Meanwhile, he knew that the virus was five times more deadly than the worst case of the flu.

"You told [Woodward] that you knew it was deadlier than the flu and you went out and told the American public that this was just like the flu ... You told everybody else something else," said Karl.

The president went on to pat himself on the back for the "great job" he did then lied about the COVID-19 numbers coming out of the European Union, which he claimed were worse than the United States.

As New Yorker reporter Susan Glasser explained, Trump rambled on with "a flood of meaningless words" before he finally concluded, "there was no lie here." He then attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY).

Trump responded to the questions by lashing out at Karl and then Washington Post reporter Phil Rucker, both of whom hammered the president about his lies.

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