Trump praises two dictators in less than one minute at Michigan rally: Putin ‘likes me -- I like him’
Composite image. Official White House photo of Kim Jong-Un and President Donald Trump by Shealah Craighead. Official White House photo of Vladimir Putin by Andrea Hanks.

President Donald Trump praised two of the world's most notorious autocrats during a campaign rally in Michigan on Thursday.

"He's a smart guy, smart," Trump said of North Korea dictator Kim Jong-Un. "Very smart guy. Smart. We get along"

"You know, getting along with foreign powers is not a bad thing, we're trying to teach that that to the media and these idiots that ran the government for so many years, these fools," he argued. "These fools."

"'He gets along with Putin, that's a terrible thing' -- no, it's a good thing if I get along, that's good," Trump claimed.

"He likes me -- I like him," he continued. "Not so bad."

"'He gets along with King Jong-Un, that's a terrible thing' -- no, it's a good thing," he argued. "It's okay not to go to war, it's okay."