Trump promises to spend ‘whatever it takes’ of his own money on his campaign: ‘We have to win’
Donald Trump speaks at event in Kenosha, Wisconsin (Fox News/screen grab)

President Donald Trump, confirming reports, says he will spend "whatever it takes" of his own money if he has to to win re-election. His admission is likely to increase donations to the Biden campaign.

The President, losing in the polls for over a year and now reportedly shorter on cash than expected, said Tuesday, "if we needed any more, I'd put it up personally."

Multiple reports have documented massive spending by the trump campaign, "more than $800 million," including a whopping $11 million on Super Bowl ads, as Axios and others have noted.

Trump falsely is blaming his cash problems on the coronavirus, insisting he had to run ads to counter what the "fake news" was reporting about his utter mismanagement of the pandemic that has led to the loss of 190,000 American lives.