Trump refuses to defend America and ‘took us to the brink of all-out war’: Retired soldier Jason Kander
Joe Biden and Donald Trump (Photos: Shutterstock)

President Donald Trump's election in 2016 could be attributed, at least in part, to his overwhelming support from soldiers supporting him all over the country. That support, however, has taken a hit.

Former Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander, who served in the U.S. Army from 2003-2011, explained that after nearly four years under Trump's leadership, soldiers understand that a draft dodger won't speak up for them the way the father of a former soldier would.

"Trump refuses to defend America from Russian attacks on our democracy, or to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin about the price he has placed on the heads of American service members," wrote Kander. "Biden has a record of standing up to America’s adversaries and enemies, as well as marshaling the help and support of our allies."

He noted that Biden has reflected honestly about his support of the Iraq War after former President George W. Bush's administration passed along false intelligence to the House and Senate.

"Trump, on the other hand, supported the war until it turned out to be a disaster, at which time he pretended to have been against it all along," Kander explained. "Having learned nothing from Iraq, Trump took us to the brink of all-out war with Iran simply because he wanted to appear tough."

He cited Biden's efforts to fund body armor and armored vehicles in Iraq and Afghanistan and fund state-of-the-art prostheses for soldiers coming home without limbs.

"Trump recently ordered the military to assist in using chemical agents on peaceful protesters so that he could take a picture in front of a church while holding an upside-down Bible," wrote Kander.

He went on to recall Trump's use of the military as a prop for parades, audience for his political speeches, and fly-overs for his holiday speeches.

But when Trump isn't in front of the camera, Kander noted Trump "reportedly refers to America’s war dead as 'suckers' and 'losers.'"

Meanwhile, "Biden once showed me a card he carries in his pocket with updated military casualty numbers."

Even as Americans support the Labor Day holiday, Biden is sitting with labor leaders who also happen to be retired military members.

"So no, the military doesn’t support Trump’s campaign. The troops are hoping we relieve their commander in chief and give them one worth following," Kander closed.

Read his full editorial at the Kansas City Star.