Trump roasted for attacking Meghan Markle with snide back-handed compliment wishing Harry ‘luck’
Composite image of Donald Trump, by Gage Skidmore and Meghan Markle by Genevieve

President Donald Trump went after Meghan, Duchess of Sussex in a Wednesday press conference, saying he didn't like her and that he didn't think her marriage to Prince Harry would last.

"I wish him luck," Trump said. "He's gonna need it."

It's unclear why Trump lashed out at the couple when they've never said anything negative about him. However, because the couple told people to be vigilant about misinformation ahead of the election and "reject hate." Trump may feel that it was as much of an attack. Oddly, however, Trump isolated his attacks to the Duchess and not Prince Harry, who joined her in the comments.

The couple didn't endorse Joe Biden, as was incorrectly stated by the reporter in the press room, they merely encouraged people to participate in the election.

It was something that earned Trump a lot of backlash on Twitter, particularly because both Meghan and Harry spoke out together, but only the Duchess was attacked.

Others were concerned that the most important issue being asked for the president was respond to British royals instead of one of the millions of issues facing the United States.

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