Trump spends entire morning rage tweeting about Mueller -- with just 50 days to go before 2020 election

President Donald Trump on Monday morning obsessively tweeted about former special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation more than a year and a half after the probe ended.

In a series of tweets, Trump pushed the Department of Justice to prosecute the investigators on Mueller's team, demanded that "action must be taken" over reports that Mueller's team wiped data from their phones, and called former FBI agent Peter Stzrok an "idiot" and a liar.

The president also called the FBI "pathetic" for not doing more to investigate Mueller's team.

Trump's continued focus on the Mueller investigation, which wrapped up in March 2019, comes at a time when polls suggest he is significantly trailing Democratic rival Joe Biden with just 50 days to go until the 2020 presidential election.

The United States at the moment is also dealing with multiple crises, including a pandemic that has so far killed more than 194,000 Americans; an economic recession that has left millions of Americans out of work; and massive forest fires that are displacing hundreds of thousands of residents in California and Oregon.