Trump struggles with police body camera question at Kenosha event: 'Well, that's, uh, very interesting'
Donald Trump speaks at event in Kenosha, Wisconsin (Fox News/screen grab)

President Donald Trump on Tuesday struggled to answer a question about police body cameras at an event in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

While attending a round table in support of law enforcement, the president was asked if he favored the use of body cameras.

"Um, body cam," the president said, searching for an answer. "Ah, whew. Well, that's, uh, very interesting."

At that point the commander-in-chief turned the question over to Attorney General Bill Barr, who offered a favorable opinion of the technology.

"It's very tough," Trump said, adding to Barr's answer. "The whole thing, you read it and you read two sides of the story."

Several local law enforcement officers also told Trump that they are in favor of officers wearing body cameras.

"Okay, good, they like 'em," Trump announced to the press.

Watch the video below from Fox News.