Trump supporter busted for hate-fueled signs in Biden supporter's yard saying 'Black lives only matter when they're dead'
Trump and hate note left by Trump supporter (Photo: Screen captures)

A supporter of President Donald Trump was busted for throwing racist signs into a family's yard as he drove by.

First Coast News said Tuesday that the man told police he did it out of spite, the report from the Nassau County Sheriff's Office said.

The scene unfolded as a woman witnessed a silver Chrysler 300 with the driver throwing signs into her yard and the yard of her relatives.

One of the signs from the woman's relative said: "Ni**er Lives don't f*cking matter. F*ck commie Biden to [sic.]" Another sign said, "Black lives matter only when they are dead" and "Black on Black crime is a beautiful thing."

The victim had campaign signs supporting Joe Biden in her yard, the case report explained.

The sheriff's office found a car that matched the description at the man's address, where they spoke to Richard John Barry, who displayed a sign for President Donald Trump in his yard. He confessed to the attack but said he did it out of spite and was sorry.

"Barry said he tried to go back and pick up the signs but said they were already gone by that time," said the police report. "Barry told police he would apologize directly to the victim and her family. He then destroyed the signs in front of the deputies, according to the report."

Nassau deputies advised Barry against reaching out to the woman due to the seriousness of the situation and her emotional state at the time.

Deputies said they then went back to the complainant and told her they had spoken to Barry. The woman told deputies she just wanted the sheriff's office aware of the incident, the report said. Deputies then told her to reach out to the sheriff's office should something like it happen again. An increased patrol was called for around the victim's property, the report said.

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