Trump will 'put a bullet into the country' before he lets a court say he lost the election: NYT columnist
Donald Trump (Screen Grab)

On CNN Wednesday, New York Times columnist Tom Friedman tore into President Donald Trump's efforts to destabilize and devalue the presidential election in the case of his defeat.

"We're seeing the greatest voter suppression enterprise ever mounted in this country, led by the president of the United States," said Friedman. "He's basically telling us, every day now in every way, and in that debate that 73 million Americans watched, that one of two things are going to happen on November 3rd ... either I am going to be elected by a majority of votes cast that day, or I'm going to delegitimize this election. He's laying the basis for the delegitimization of any election that does not return him to the office. We have never seen this before out of any president. It is the greatest voter suppression effort every mounted in this country. And it's going to have huge — it's already having huge ramifications."

"When we had this in 2000, it was a question of chads in Florida, and Al Gore took a bullet for the country by abiding by the Supreme Court decision," said Friedman. "Donald Trump will put a bullet into the country before he abides by any Supreme Court decision that goes against him. This is the most dangerous thing I have ever seen in America."

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