Trump's campaign reveals just how very little money they have left
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Former Vice President Joe Biden announced that his campaign brought in a massive campaign haul during the Democratic convention last month ahead of the August campaign finance filing. President Donald Trump has attempted to keep his campaign numbers hidden with a late filing, and by Sunday evening it was clear why.

Trump's total haul for August, when he got a week's worth of free media from the Republican convention, was just $61.7 million. The campaign spent almost all of it, $61.2 million.

The campaign still has about $900,000 in debt. His cash on hand is just $121 million in the bank.

Trump's big donor support has dropped by 61 percent as he refuses to turn out for virtual events.

Trump has raised over $1 billion that he's blown through.