Trump's Fox News interview turns into therapy session as he rants about bad coverage on the network
Donald Trump appears on Fox News (screen grab)

President Donald Trump took his fight against Fox News to the network itself during a Sunday interview with Mark Levin.

The wide-ranging interview meandered from the California wildfires to an attack on Chicago that then became a complaint about Afghanistan and more. But at one point Trump turned to lash out at Fox News on the network itself.

"The Washington Post is a disaster," Trump began. "You can't get a good story. It's disgusting. And then you go to ABC. NBC is probably the worst of all. Concast. I call it Concast. Not Comcast. It's a con-job because they always try and protect their name like how legitimate they are. NBC is horrible. CBS is a disaster. Then you go into the real beauties MSDNC as we call it. And, of course, CNN. But at least CNN you know where they're coming from. You know they're stone-cold dishonest. At least you know that. So, it's a sad thing. It's a very sad thing. Fortunately, local press is extremely good. I get great local."

Local news has been largely taken over by the Sinclair Broadcast Group, which gives overwhelmingly positive coverage to Trump on local affiliates.

"Fox is not what it was, I'll be very honest with you," Trump continued. "They've become politically correct, you know. They have more Democrats on than they have, practically, any Republicans. I'm complaining about it all the time."

See the full video below: