Trump’s ‘assault on science’ is destroying America’s reputation across the globe: CNN’s Erin Burnett
An angry Donald Trump screams during one of his speeches (Photo: Screen capture)

On CNN Tuesday, "OutFront" host Erin Burnett tore into President Donald Trump's refusal to support science and public health — and its subsequent erosion of international respect for American leadership.

"Trump's disdain for scientific things including masks are partly why Scientific American has endorsed Joe Biden," said Burnett. "It's the first time Scientific American has endorsed a politician in its entire history. They've never done it, and they're doing it now because of Trump's assault on science."

"It's taking a toll on America's reputation," said Burnett. "Acording to Pew Research, the world's view of America is plunging. Fifteen percent saying the United States has handled the pandemic well, lower than China. People across the globe trust Trump less than the leaders of China and Russia, according to this poll — to leaders who poison journalists and hide coronavirus facts. Both of those polled better. Yet the president of the United States believes the world envies his response."

"The United States' failure to stop the death toll now putting these words from President Trump in jeopardy," said Burnett, playing a clip of the president saying, "We're going to be respected again. We're not going to be a laughingstock like we have been." "China polls better," she added.

Watch below: