Trump's strange denial his secret trip to Walter Reed wasn't because of 'a series of mini-strokes' leads many to say it was
Donald Trump (Shutterstock)

New revelations about President Donald Trump's secret trip to Walter Reed Medical Center last year are coming to light, after the White House at the time tried to claim what appeared to be an emergency visit was merely Trump getting ahead of his annual physical, by months. A new book by the New York Times' Michael Schmidt reveals that White House officials were so worried Vice President Mike Pence was summoned and placed on standby should the President have become incapacitated due to being anesthetized.

Trump is clearly agitated over the renewed coverage, and insisting his trip to the hospital was not because he "suffered a series of mini-strokes" – while neglecting to say what the trip was for.

And as usual, he tries to blame his weaknesses on Joe Biden.

Strangely, no news reports about Schmidt's book mention a series of mini-strokes. The most recent news report about Trump and mini strokes came one month ago, in The Inquisitor, citing this tweet from author and anti-Trump activist Don Winslow.

It would seem perhaps Trump has cause for concern.