'Wasn't our fault!' Trump claims Nevada governor forced him to have indoor rally during pandemic
President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin (screengrab)

President Donald Trump on Tuesday told the hosts of "Fox & Friends" that his campaign wasn't to blame for its decision to hold an indoor rally during the COVID-19 pandemic that has so far killed more than 194,000 Americans.

During an interview on his favorite morning television show, the president claimed that he originally wanted to have an outdoor rally in Las Vegas on Sunday, but said that Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak kept rejecting his campaign's plans because they violated public health guidelines.

"He tried to make it impossible for us to have a rally," Trump said. "Finally we got, from a great supporter, gave us this very big building and we put people in. But this wasn't our fault! We had four outdoor sites... and he wouldn't allow it to happen!"

Watch the video below.